Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
Pelham, Windham, & Salem, NH

New Client Service Request

Current Client Service Request

The rates below include bringing in the mail, turning lights on & off and watering plants. 

The rates may differ depending on your unique situation because caring for some animals is easier than others.


$20.00 per visit (1 dog)

$ 5.00 each additional dog
$10.00 each additional dog that needs seperate walking


$20.00 per visit (1 cat)

$ 5.00 each additional cat

Litter box cleaning is included.


$20.00 per visit (includes Feeding & Water Refresh)
$30.00 per visit (includes Feeding, Water Refresh & Mucking Stall)

& Small Animals

$20.00 per visit (if there are no other pets)
$ 5.00 per visit if in addition to dog or cats (includes Feeding & Water Refresh)

$10.00 per visit if in addition to dog or cats (includes Feeding, Water Refresh & Cage/Tank Cleaning)
$ 5.00 for each additional cage/tank

Initial Consultation: This is a short visit to meet the pets, go through the routine & get keys.

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